Assessment Design: types of assessment task


pdfs of these tasks are available on the task pages


Assessment tasks should be selected to enable students to demonstrate their achievement of the unit learning outcomes. The University does not prescribe what kinds of tasks should be used and you have a very wide choice of possibilities.

In choosing assignment tasks, you will be considering:

  • Will it let students demonstrate achievement of the learning outcomes?
  • Will you look forward to marking it?
  • Will students understand what to do?
  • Does it link clearly to what I’m going to teach?
  • Will it be straightforward to mark, give feedback and moderate?

The list of possible tasks on this page is intended to give you some support in planning tasks for different purposes, including whether or not the tasks is suitable for groups, the levels at which such as task might be most successful and what to think about in terms of avoiding plagiarism. The list is not exhaustive but covers a wide range and the guidance for many of the examples could be adapted for other similar tasks. A downloadable full colour PDF version of the guidance for each task is included in case you want to use them in staff development or planning meetings.

If you have any questions about this resource or would like further guidance on assessment task design, please contact Rachel Forsyth at the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching.