Continuous Monitoring and Improvement


The University’s Continuous Monitoring and Improvement process (CMI) applies to all programmes of study. The aim of Continuous Monitoring and Improvement is to support the maintenance of standards, to assure the consistency of learning opportunities and to enhance the quality of the learning experience for students by continually reviewing provision, identifying areas for improvement and acting on these.

These pages on the CELT website are intended to provide additional support with reviewing key data and developing CMI action plans in relation to the The Manchester Met Education Strategy and Learning and Teaching Principles. This data is only a part of the information which contributes to your Continuous Improvement planning: informal feedback, external examiners’ reports, bench-marking with other institutions and the reflections of the programme team are also really important in developing your plans.

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The ‘Sources of Help’ summary pdf on the CASQE website, will show you who to approach for help and support with various aspects of the Dashboard. This may include your CELT faculty link to discuss using CMI dashboard data to plan changes to learning, teaching or assessment on the programme.  This information can also be accessed by clicking on ‘Help’ at the top of the Dashboard screen.