Learning, Teaching and Assessment in Higher Education (LTA)

This unit allows participants the opportunity to develop their practice through critical reflection and contextual debates informed by relevant theories and perspectives. Participants will consider their own teaching practice in the context of the wider HE landscape from both the teacher and learner perspective. The assessment strategy for the unit requires an observation of practice, and participants will be expected to demonstrate that they can plan, deliver, evaluate and reflect on learning episodes using this process to inform planning for their CPD.

Unit Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit participants will be able to:

  1. Critically analyse their philosophical approach to teaching learning and assessment set within the context of [multidisciplinary] theory and/or perspectives.
  2. Design, plan and deliver an episode of inclusive learning demonstrating awareness of the diversity of your learners’ needs.
  3. Critically reflect upon individual practice in relation to the UK Professional Standards Framework.


This unit is designed to offer participants maximum flexibility and the opportunity to personalise their own learning and practice through engagement with online learning resources. These resources will consist of key elements for the unit – e.g. principles of effective session planning, inclusive practice, assessment and curriculum design all linked to relevant learning and teaching theory. The unit focuses on the enhancement of the student experience and the development of critical reflective practice with a particular emphasis on observations of practice.

Throughout the unit participants will consider how they can demonstrate the application of:

  • underpinning theories and models of teaching and learning and reflective practice
  • methods to ensure inclusive teaching and learning strategies
  • techniques for session planning within constructively aligned teaching learning and assessment
  • models of reflective practice
  • theory applied to practice
  • engagement with the disciplinary and contextual drivers and strategies appropriate to their practice
  • quality measurement and enhancement mechanisms.

Unit Assessment

The assessment strategy focuses on the demonstration of the participant’s learning from reflection on the key elements of the unit. It is based upon a reflective practice portfolio.

Participants will be expected to undertake weekly formative tasks and engage in online and face-to-face discussions to develop their portfolio. In addition to this all participants will engage with group microteaching and provide observation feedback to peers.

The completion of a reflective account (1500 words), supported by a portfolio of evidence that will be negotiated and determined in consultation and discussion between the participant and the tutor to allow the student to fully demonstrate the unit learning outcomes.


To apply for this unit you must:

  • Teach regularly throughout the unit delivery;
  • Be involved in the design, planning and delivery of learning activities;
  • Assess and give feedback to learners;
  • Hold a degree (or equivalent).

In order to meet the unit requirements you MUST regularly teach, plan and design curriculum and assessment and provide feedback to learners, throughout the LTA unit delivery. If it emerges that you are not meeting the admissions criteria whilst engaging with the unit, you will be withdrawn. If you have any further questions about admissions criteria please contact o.mccabe@mmu.ac.uk

Observation of Practice
As part of the LTA unit you will be observed on your teaching practice. At least one observation must be completed by a colleague from the University teaching Academy. Further information about observations of practice will be provided by your unit tutor. In the meantime if you have any questions you can contact o.mccabe@mmu.ac.uk

As well as registering below, in some circumstances you may need to complete an application form to study this unit. Please check on the application form page »

In brief


  • Teachers undertaking this unit will be able to articulate informed and scholarly explanations for why you teach in the way you do. The unit provides an opportunity to reflect upon and develop your teaching
  • Sessions are very practical and go over each stage of planning, teaching and assessment encouraging critical thought about teaching
  • Includes methods for inclusive practice and engaging students in groupwork, lectures and learning in general

Mode of study: online

Number of sessions:

Type of session: webinar

Assessment type and size:
1500 word reflective account and supporting portfolio

Prior knowledge/experience required: regular teaching responsibilities, must include session planning, teaching and assessing students. Suitable for new teachers, or those wanting a 'refresher' in HE teaching. If you are unsure whether you meet these requirements, please contact the unit leader.

Unit leader/contact: Orlagh McCabe

Delivery Dates and Registration

Autumn 2020

Online sessions begin:
Monday 21st September

3:00pm - 04:00pm

Venue: online webinar

last date for registration:
28th August


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LTA Online

Taught sessions on n/a

21 Sept 2020, 3-4pm Introductory Webinar - 1hr Online
28 Sept, 3-4pm Drop-in session - 1hr Online
12 Oct, 3-4pm Drop-in session - 1hr Online
26 Oct, 3-4pm Drop-in session - 1hr Online
9 Nov, 3-4pm Drop-in session - 1hr Online
23 Nov, 3-4pm Drop-in session - 1hr Online
Oct/Nov Observation TBC
7 Dec 2020, 3-4pm Drop-in session - 1hr Online
11 Jan 2021 Written Assignment Submission Moodle

Spring 2021

Online sessions begin:
Monday 4th January

3:00pm - 04:00pm

Venue: online webinar


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LTA Online

Taught sessions on n/a

4 Jan 2021 Introductory Webinar - 1hr online
Jan/Feb Observation TBC
26 April 2021 Written Assignment Submission Moodle


Please contact the UTA CPD team if you have any queries.