Programme Specifications


37 Personal Development Planning (PDP)

PDP is, and always has been an integral part of what we do in higher education. In many areas (e.g. Art and Design, Performance, Health Care and many others), reflection and recording of personal development as a practitioner has always been central to study and in many other disciplines there are strong elements of this kind of practice.
However, making explicit reference to, and development around PDP, encourages students to reflect directly on the process of learning, and to gain an awareness of their goals and their progress towards these. You might need to look at the programme and ask questions such as:

  • How are students encouraged to engage with, plan and record their own personal and professional development?
  • How could this be improved? Do students receive training in how (and why) to do this?
  • Do we use the Employability Online resource to help students to evaluate and articulate their skills?
  • Where in the programme do students get practice in evaluation and articulation of skills developed within the programme and their relevance to future employment ?

The employability analysis tool offers a structured way to review the programme for employability activities.