EuroSoTL 2021


The theme of the 2021 conference is “Building Communities through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning’.

This theme opens a space for discussions about the collegiality, culture, interprofessional and interpersonal dimensions of the scholarship of Teaching and learning including:

  1. Building Community: How do we develop and sustain meaningful SoTL communities, which will have a lasting impact on student learning and the development of effective learning environments for all? How can we develop SoTL communities which represent the diverse nature of SoTL? How do we develop and promote collaborations and partnerships with those seeking to enter the SoTL arena? How do we promote SoTL collaboration when research and teaching are often seen as separate entities?
  2. Narratives of Community: How do we develop stories of SoTL to engage and support the diverse groups that work together to promote effective learning environments?  How do we promote positive SoTL narratives in creative and meaningful ways? How can we share stories of practice, and learning in and through SoTL?
  3. Uniting Community: How can we unite communities to ensure the development and growth of SoTL? How can we promote SoTL in ways which attract and unite the academy?
  4. Inclusive Community: How do we value the diverse perspectives, experiences and people, which support our communities and ensure they are central to SoTL development? How do we promote effective Learning and Teaching practices, to encourage others to join the SoTL community? How do we encourage collegiality across boundaries, politics, and borders, recognising our privilege and making the community accessible?


We are also interested in other communities you have encountered in your work and the innovative ways in which you have found to engage with and build communities. Please consider submitting all your related work to the conference.

Welcome to Manchester in June 2021