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About FLEX

FLEX is a practice-driven and practice-based CPD scheme for new and experienced professionals who teach or support learning in HE, and based on self-selected activities:


Take part in CPD that relates to your role*
(completed inside or outside MMU)

Capture your activities in a digital portfolio

Reflect on your learning and write a narrative about your experience and how it will impact on your practice

Submit your portfolio for academic credit (on the PgCert LTHE) or for HEA Associate (FLEX15 PSF) or Fellow status (FLEX30 PSF)

FLEX can combine CPD in your discipline or professional area or of more generic nature linked to learning and teaching. Any CPD activity you undertake (formally, like a workshop, an open course, a tweetchat, a webinar or a peer observation, or informally, like studying learning and teaching resources) can be included.

You can also gain HEA Fellowship via FLEX through the FLEX 15/30 [PSF] Unit. ThisĀ  is the recommended route to achieve Associate Fellow or Fellow for colleagues with more than 3 years HE Teaching or supporting learning experience. This is a focussed route for those for whom it may not be a priority to gain an academic teaching qualification via the PGCert.

Please check out the FLEX opportunities section for some suggestions.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Chrissi Nerantzi c.nerantzi@mmu.ac.uk or Mike Lowe (MMU Cheshire) m.j.lowe@mmu.ac.uk


Is FLEX for me?

How do I participate

What can I get for FLEX?

Digital portfolios

The animation below is a brief introduction to the FLEX scheme:

Video transcript




Current FLEX opportunities

Find out more
about FLEX

  • FLEX awards

    We offer awards for completion of certain activities.

  • FLEX Surgeries

    Monthly meetings to find out more about FLEX or get help with your FLEX activities. Dates and booking »


    We are also running specific Portfolio Surgeries »

  • Collaborators

    We are looking for collaborators who are interested in working with us to turn FLEX into a collaborative OER project for cross-institutional fertilisation and exchange. Please contact Chrissi Nerantzi.


An overview of the FLEX scheme that can be viewed offline »


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Check out our #flexcpd Twitter feed below for FLEX opportunities.

If you would like to share a resource, a course or workshop you have found useful for your CPD, please tweet @mmu_celt to share with the wider community. Remember to include the hashtag #flexcpd.

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