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The aim of Accreditation! is that players learn about the processes involved in course design and accreditation, and have the opportunity to discuss the issues that arise when trading off quality and timeliness, while still being responsive to a range of stakeholders. The board is divided into three sections: strategic approval, detailed planning, and final approval, and players move around the board by making decisions which are presented on the cards in each section, or by landing on ‘chance’ squares.


Game Rules

The game is played with 2-4 players (people can play in teams: either way, we will refer to them as ‘players’ throughout). Each player chooses a token and places it on the ‘Start’ square. The aim is to be the first to get to the ‘Finish’ square and get your course accredited.  

There are three zones. Each zone has a pile of cards of the same colour. Players need to collect quality stars to enable them to move around the board. Players must pay 5 quality stars to leave a zone, so they will keep looping the zone until they have enough stars and reach the point of transfer to the next zone (the arrowed square). Place 5 stars back in the pot when you move up a zone. You can keep any other stars you have accumulated for use in the next zone.

Select a player to start. The person on the right of the player picks up a card of the appropriate colour and reads out the dilemma and the options available, but not the consequences of the options. Once an option has been selected, the player moves and/or picks up quality stars as directed on the card. If a player lands on a ‘C’ square they must take a chance card and move and/or collect stars as directed on that card. The first person to reach the Accreditation! square is the winner.


In addition to the board and sets of cards, you will also need:

  • four playing pieces;
  • forty quality stars.


We are keen to receive feedback from anyone else who has used the game to find out what you think of it, how you used it, and any modifications you made. If you would like to take part in an evaluation, please contact Nicola Whitton.



The game is licensed under a Creatve Commons Attribution-NonCommerical 4.0 license (CC BY NC 4.0). This allows you to use and adapt the game for your own purposes provided you credit the creators of the game and use it for non-commercial purposes.

"quote about the game in practice"

We have provided templates of the game for you to download so that you can add your own content. We suggest using a Mailmerge tool to do this.

Further Resources


Printing Tips

We recommend getting the poster printed on thick glossy paper like a poster. This makes it easy to transport and long wearing. It works printed to A0 size, trimmed to a square. Cards should be printed to A7 size to fit on the board.

See also a JISC webinar given by the project team about Accreditation! and  models of responsiveness


"Accreditation" by CELT, MMU is licensed under a Creatve Commons Attribution-NonCommerical 4.0 license (CC BY NC 4.0)