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Social Enterprise as Applied Learning

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Developing on her earlier work on enterprise in the curriculum, Haleh Moravej, Senior Lecturer in Nutritional Sciences, talks here about MetMUnch. This student-led social enterprise has been praised for its community engagement, Education for Sustainable Development and employability. Haleh has recently been honoured with the National and International Green Gown Award for Student Engagement 2014. Their clients include the Greater Manchester Police, Hulme Winter Festival, Manchester Children’s Book Festival and the Carbon Literacy Project.

Haleh highlights in this film how she feels MetMUnch enhances her teaching and the student experience. Using an Applied Learning approach helps students on Haleh’s units to put theory into practice. Students regularly create events, adjust recipes to meet needs, present at training events and engage with the public. As they cover new topics in lectures, they change their approaches to fit their new knowledge. Not only do student engage in an active form of learning, but MetMUnch creates a 'continuous feedback loop' that enables Haleh to adjust her teaching on her units to meet the needs of her students.

Student Union Teaching Award 2013 shorlisted


Student Union Teaching Award Winner 2016

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Haleh Moravej
Food & Consumer Technology

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