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Animation as Assessment

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Dr Jenny Fisher won a CELT grant for Scholarship of Learning and Teaching in 2014, introduce their project ‘Animate to Communicate: Students as co-producers in learning’, which explored animation as a form of assessment. Jenny worked with Hayley Atkinson and further colleagues on this project.

The assessment formed half of a second year Social Care unit that considers the role of communities in delivering social care, and how communities can be engaged in co-producing their care. Students were tasked with creating a two-minute animation using the online animation tool ‘GoAnimate’. The resulting animations would be given to the organisation as a resource. Students undertook research about a social care organisation and the work they undertake in the community. Examples include Didsbury Good Neighbours, the African and Caribbean Mental Health Service and Venture Arts. The animations will be used as marketing material and to recruit volunteers.

The animation replaced a group PowerPoint presentation as a creative form of assessment. Their delivery for the unit maintained its usual structure, with weekly lectures followed by seminars. Within the seminars Jenny and Hayley, along with colleagues, used student-led learning to actively work towards the creation of their animations.

In this film, Jenny and Hayley share their reflections and some of their initial findings of their research and the potential benefits of this creative form of assessment.

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Dr Jenny Fisher
Social Care and Social Work

Hayley Atkinson
Social Care and Social Work

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