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Preparing Students for your Programme: Pre-Entry Workbooks

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Jacqueline Gladwin, Principal Lecturer and Programme Leader for BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing, and her team have developed a pre-entry workbook for their incoming undergraduate students.

Nursing receives a varied cohort, with many entrants arriving from BTEC and access courses. Expectations of the course, particularly regarding the breadth of topics and activities, also varies widely. The workbook is designed to give incoming students a better idea of the course, what kind of activities and topics they can expect to engage with, and where they can find useful resources to help them with their studies.

The workbook was developed with current nursing students, who gave their perspective on starting the course and what they found useful. Jacqui comments on the positive impact that the workbook has had on the early stages of the programme, as well as on student progression.

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Jacqueline Gladwin

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