Group work: Induction

How should I get the groups started?

Some induction into group working techniques is essential if you aren’t sure whether students have experience of this or not. In particular, students need to know how to:

  • Identify and allocate roles and responsibilities
  • Organise their group and individual time
  • Determine outcomes and processes to achieve those outcomes

Setting up carefully structured tasks which will contribute to the completion of the overall task will be helpful in inducting the students and in moving them forwards in terms of the overall task. You will need to monitor performance in these introductory tasks and intervene if necessary.

Here is a link which may help, from University of Technology, Sydney:  Monitoring Groups . This guide from the University of Melbourne may be useful for students.

It is worth spending class time on a thorough explanation of the purposes of the group activity and the ways in which you think they might work together. The MMU Business School has produced these guidelines for groups (MS Word doc) to help them to work together and you may find them a useful basis for your own groups.

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