Group work: Resources

Resources and References


A cross-disciplinary resource list collated from LDHEN/SEDA suggestions

General websites on group work in HE

Assessing group work, University of Melbourne

Enhancing Experiences of Group Work, University of Technology, Sydney

Collaborative Learning: Group Work and Study Teams, University of California at Berkeley

LearnHigher groupwork project

University of Melbourne guide for students


Advice for Students on working in groups

MMUBS guidelines for students on group working

LearnHigher groupwork project


Other References used in this section

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Further reading

Healey M and Addis M, 2004 Use of peer and self-assessment to distribute group marks among individual team members: Ten years experience, in Healey M and Roberts J (Eds) Engaging students in active learning: case studies in geography, environment and related disciplines, Cheltenham: University of Gloucestershire, Geography Discipline Network and School of Environment pp116-121