The MMU Strategy for Learning, Teaching and Assessment


The Manchester Metropolitan University Strategy for Learning, Teaching and Assessment (SLTA) supports the University’s Strategic Framework, and links with other institutional strategies Research and Knowledge Exchange, International, etc.
The SLTA is based on six Principles and associated Standards that, when implemented in programmes, provide every learner at Manchester Metropolitan with opportunities to be world-class professionals.

strategy diagram

Using the SLTA

The Principles and Standards incorporate both strategic design and operational requirements, and are the framework used on a regular basis to reflect upon and review the quality of learning, teaching and assessment in faculties, departments and programmes.
The Principles and Standards should be the subject of regular review and professional discussion through all enhancement activity: it is expected that every faculty will demonstrate that the SLTA has been addressed through:

  • A Faculty / Department Learning, Teaching and Assessment Action Plan
  • Continuous Monitoring and Improvement cycles
  • NSS Action Plans linked to a set of Programme Management Plans.

Programme teams should use the SLTA Confidence Grid to assess how well the Principles and Standards are reflected in their programme and link required enhancement to the Continuous Monitoring and Improvement Planning cycle.

Download the Grid here.


Each principle and Standard is accompanied by guidance in three forms:

Required / Essential
Must do - these replace the Threshold Standards


Should do - to ensure continuous enhancement

Enhancement Activities
Could do - links to other resources (internal and external)