Personal Tutoring

Using the adapted guidance model

Proactive personal tutorials are often used to discuss, with students, their academic or career development, while reactive tutorials can result from student crises that need addressing in order for the student to be able to effectively study and be successful.

For both kinds of tutorial, there is a useful kind of 'template' for these meetings, and this is adapted from the model used for guidance in many other situations (such as careers guidance or learner development).

Details of this approach are explained further in the podcast below:


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Diverse students - what personal tutors need to know

Our students are very diverse in their backgrounds, needs and ambitions. Academic staff need an awareness of the ways in which all students are enabled towards capability for success. Students who have declared a disability are supported via our Disability Service, and staff should familiarise themselves with the procedures around personal learning plans, disclosure, and the promotion of equality and diversity under the University's equality scheme. The Disability Service has very clear advice for staff in these respects. Specific advice for supporting disabled students is also available here.