Personal Tutoring

I was struggling a bit in the first term and without saying anything my tutor realised and sorted my problem within a week

MMU are currently part of a HEFCE funded project looking at personal tutoring and the use of learning analytics. Over the next 18 months, outputs from this project will inform the development of the MMU guidance on personal tutoring, introduce some new resources and refine our processes.

Why do we do Personal Tutoring

For many students, establishing and maintaining relationships with academic staff is an essential part of successful study. Retention, progression and transition can be improved with high quality, timely individual interventions by academics who have a relationship with students. Every student should have timetabled personal proactive tutorials as part of their academic timetable, as well as being able to contact their personal tutor if they have any problems.

As a personal tutor you need to know how the personal tutoring system works in your own department, what expectations are and how to manage tutorials to best effect - ask your Programme Leader for details..

Engagement with personal tutors is also a key measure within Student Engagement Monitoring (attendance, coursework receipting and achievement, Moodle engagement and personal tutor attendance)

Personal Tutoring at MMU

Are you a programme leader, or planning a personal tutoring system for your department? At MMU, each programme should develop a Personal Tutoring Plan which sets out how personal tutoring is delivered in the context of the specific discipline and available resources, and as laid out in MMU Learning and Teaching Principle 4.