Student Engagement Monitoring

SEM (Student Engagement Monitoring))

Introduction to SEM

Over the past few years, the University has been developing new approaches to the monitoring of students’ engagement with their studies. The key driver for this is to support students to succeed by identifying at an early stage those who are starting to disengage with their studies.

The Student Engagement Monitoring (SEM) project includes the provision of systems, procedures and processes for the recording and reporting of student engagement and making that information available to staff and students, in order to promote student success and improve student outcomes.

The SEM project, alongside projects looking at continuous monitoring and improvement (CMI) and the student induction process, contributes to the University’s long-term strategy and goals by supporting retention and progression.


What have we done so far?

To date, we have:

  • Piloted a new approach to attendance monitoring
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  • Put in place processes to alert students that we may be concerned about so we can meet with them to discuss any challenges that they are facing. Student Engagement Officers, who liaise with personal tutors, and Student Experience Support Tutors, who meet with the students, support these processes.
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  • Developed a student engagement policy
  • Introduced a student engagement monitoring dashboard to provide personal tutors with information about students’ engagement
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New Attendance Monitoring System for 2017/18

Following analysis of the Scientia pilot for attendance monitoring, the need for a new attendance monitoring system was identified that will:

  • Allow us to roll out attendance monitoring to all undergraduate students over the next three years.
  • Enable streamlined workflow management, communication and student tracking between all relevant members of staff and students.

Following a competitive tender, Simac Quadcore was selected to deliver the following requirements:

  • Attendance data collection
  • Student tracking and workflow management
  • Early warning mechanism and communication
  • Operational reporting
  • Off-site registration
  • Web access to engagement data (trigger information) for staff and students


Project Timeline and Overview

Work began on the set-up and configuration of the new system in December 2016. Over the next three years, a phased approach will be taken to roll out the new attendance monitoring system to all undergraduate students. For September 2017, the new attendance monitoring system will be in place for:

  • All Level 3 and 4 students
  • Level 5 students continuing from the previous self-registration system (ASRA+)
  • All Tier 4 International Students

In Cheshire, attendance for all level 5 and 6 student will be registered by their tutor using the online register tool.

Please see below for an overview of the project timeline and key dates.


Jan 2017
Set up of new attendance monitoring system
Feb to March 2017
Proof of Concept – Phase 1 (attendance data collection)
April to June 2017
Proof of Concept – Phase 2 (attendance and workflow tracking)
Implementation of new attendance monitoring system for identified cohort for testing
Sept 2017
  • All Tier 4 and Level 5 pilot students continue with attendance monitoring using the new Presto system
  • ALL level 3 and 4 students commence attendance monitoring
  • Introduction of a systems-based workflow management and student tracking system
Sept 2018
  • All Tier 4 and Level 6 pilot students continue with attendance monitoring
  • ALL level 3/4/5 students undertake attendance monitoring
Sept 2019
Attendance monitoring in place for:
  • All Level 3/4/5/6 students
  • All Tier 4 International students


New Registration Methods

The following new registration methods will be used from September 2017 onwards:

  1. RFID (touch) card readers student registers attendance using their ID card
    This will be the primary method of registration for students. Card readers will be in place in rooms with a capacity of 30 or more.
  2. Online Register – tutors register students using the new Presto online register
    The online register, delivered through Simac’s ‘Presto’ system, will be used to register students’ attendance in rooms with a capacity less than 30 (i.e. 29 or less).
  3. Self-registration
    A new self-registration application, similar to the one used on the Scientia attendance monitoring pilot, will be implemented for T4 international students. This has been planned in order to provide coverage for all T4 students, regardless of level, across the University.

In Cheshire, attendance for all level 5 and 6 students will be registered by their tutor using the online register. For larger classes (above 40), a paper register will be used and uploaded onto the system after the class.


Guidance and Support

Please see the links below for more information and guidance on the new system.

Staff Resources

Student Communication

Training Sessions
Training sessions and drop-in sessions for anyone who would like further help and guidance on the use of the new attendance registration system. Please click the link below for details: