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December 10th, 2008

Process Review Workshop – Birmingham 9/12/08

Process Review Workshop

Birmingham 9/12/08

Rachel, Robin, and Alan attended.

The format of the workshop was:

In the morning:

Short input on Process Review

Activities to attempt some simple landscape mapping – not very helpful in our opinion.

Some presentations about no-tech, low tech and hi-tech approaches:

  • JISC process Review book stuff on swim lane diagrams, RAEW, collaboration diagrams, rich pictures etc
  • Archimate – looked very useful and we decided Alan would try and convert the Covarm process model to Archimate. It can be used with Visio and Omni Graffle using templates, or a dedicated tool called BizzDesignArchitect. It uses a 3 x 3 grid focussing on Business, Application (systems) and Infrastructure layers considered in terms of Information, Behaviour and Structure. It provides a single view for each stakeholder. It uses very simple notation to represent relations in these 9 areas which can be more textual or more diagrammatic. It can be converted to UML, It does not support direct application development in the way that UML does.
  • IBM Web Sphere and related technologies – Heavy!

In the afternoon :

Rachel presented our plans on Process review , using the Covarm Model , validating it, constructing scenarios to model ideal solutions to key processes, using a workshop to: capture creative solutions from key stakeholders; identify responsiveness measures, and comment on our scenarios.

Christine Stewart presented a very interesting talk on LEAN approaches to process re-design. This is not what I thought it was. It centres on “Maximising the value for the customer” using a cycle of continuous improvement involving: identifying customers and their values, identifying and mapping the value stream, creating a flow by eliminating waste, responding to customer pull and pursuing perfection. The process is one of alignment of needs with solution. It is not just about slimming down the process by cutting it down, as I thought.

Helen Emerson from City University talked about engaging stakeholders and referred heavily to the Managing Successful Programmes approach (Prince 2 for Programmes) which has a substantial amount of material about this which she rated very highly. I have ordered the book for this so I can find out more.

We finished with some review and reflection about our needs. Most importantly we noted the need for professional facilitators to support the workshops which are planned as part of the benchmarking activity.

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