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December 8th, 2008

Meeting with Helen 4/12/08

Evaluation Meeting With Helen Beetham, Mark Stubbs, Nicola Whitton, Robin Johnson

Helen found triangle diagram helpful in capturing the essence of our project, suggested replacing courses with “course teams”

Some initial observations included
•    There may differences between professions (established and evolving) in terms of their needs, irrespective of content
•    How will skills be embedded? – deeply as in law and physiotherapy or disparately/shallowly/separately as in creative digital

We discussed the need to identify useful interim evaluation criteria and to generate outputs that can disseminate interim and final results.

Helen suggested we consider introducing an annual event with a keynote and 1 or 2 invited people plus all project members to:

•    consolidate what has happened in the last year
•    re-establish where the project is  going
•    define what still needs to be done.

This would help to keep members of the project in touch with each other and provide a real/tangible focus for activities and their dissemination. Include some student representation – possibly NUS academic REP

Note to self, need to brief NUS about project.

We talked about internal evaluation and baselining.
Robin described the workshops that we had proposed when discussing how we assess the responsiveness of the MMU Review Processes.
Helen suggested broadening them to consider responsive measures for programme teams, employers, and students (our thinking was that this would include the responsiveness of process review but would address all points on the project triangle) and maybe at different levels – technology, process, people. Use the workshops to baseline the situation and then repeat it as a finishing event. Make workshops subject based. 12-15 people (Employers, programme teams, students).  ½ day. Possibly use graphical representations (posters) to stimulate thinking?

We agreed that
1.    Helen would think about the content of such a workshop
2.    Nic and Helen and Robin would work on the framework for the baselining and hence the evaluation
3.    Robin would identify a subject area to start to do initial workshop on and possible dates. First workshop to be end Feb, and others to be in April – Robin has agreed with Physiotherapy that we will do them in the last week of Feb, Claire to confirm exact date.
4.    Mark, Nic and Robin to think about possible senior staff that we might want Helen to interview. Nic to do the other interviews.

Helen outlined, briefly, the current thinking about the JISC Curriculum Design Programme Evaluation Framework

Based on a model of accountability
1.what have we done, produced, output
2. to what standards/quality –
Very general criteria specified (e.g. flexibility, student centeredness, etc) that need to be refined by projects.

Artefacts might not change but peoples perception or use of them may change – can we show that.

Action Robin
Talk to Student Union
Talk to Institutional audit team!

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