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December 3rd, 2008

Phone Conference on Process Modelling Strand

Phone conference with Rachel F, Alan Paull, & Robin

Discussed Process review workshop in Birmingham on 9thDec
Rachel will present our approach to process review.

In particular this will consist of:

1.    using COVARM process model of MMU review process.
2.    Validating this model with a small but carefully selected group from across the University (Action Robin & Rachel to construct list)
3.    Develop a small selection of Scenarios about different aspects of the process review – done from a single perspective, e.g that of an employer, that of a student, a lecturer, a programme leader. A dean? A member of FADC/ADC? Scenarios to be simple text, forward looking and focussing on the WHAT but not the HOW.
Ensuring each scenario is relevant for each of the subject groups (Law, Physio, Fin Services, Digital Creative Industries. (Action Rachel)
4.    Running workshop for employers, staff and students in each subject group to consider what constitutes responsiveness for them. Workshops to be kept small – Alan and Robin/Rachel to be present.
5.    Scenarios to be re-worked to take account of issues raised in workshops.
6.    Alan to develop formalised model of processes.
7.    Formal Processes to be reviewed by stakeholders in initial workshop
8.    Formal Processes to be reviewed by CASQE/FADC/ADC/CeLT/Programme teams
9.     Seek formal approval for use of new processes by teams within the project.

Question – in light of new plans about evaluation is this still feasible.

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