Creative Teaching



Digital storytelling tools

Smart devices and mobile apps: It is now more common that students carry with them smart devices, such as mobile phones or tablets. In some cases tablets are made available for class use. Consider sharing available devices to enable students to work collaboratively. Many of these devices will have integrated cameras for audio and video recording and will be connected to the internet.

There is a plethora of apps available that can be downloaded for free and would be excellent for the creation of stories in a variety of formats, such as audio, video, presentation, cartoon or drawings etc.Stories can then be shared via Moodle, digital portfolios and social media if this is appropriate and useful for you and your students.

Check out:

  • GoAnimate for making animated videos
  • Explee a different style of animated videos
  • Storybird build books using ready made artworks to illustrate your words

Share the storytelling tools you have used via the UTA Twitter account @MMU_CeLT






CPD Opportunities

Suggested CPD activities:

Engage with the resources about and reflect on what you have discovered and learnt.

Develop your ideas around by considering actions you can take to enhance your practice.

Consider using a portfolio to capture your reflections and share with others.

flex You might want to consider engaging with these activities and gaining CPD experience or academic credits with the FLEX scheme »

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