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Rachel Forsyth

Rachel Forsyth PFHEA, BSc, MBA, PhD

Head of UTA


+44 (0)161 247 1128

Faculty Link for: Business and Law, Education, Health Psychology & Social Care (Psychology, Social Care & Social Work)

Thematic lead: Curriculum development

Twitter: @rmforsyth

Teaching and Research Supervision

PGCert in Learning and Teaching in HE/MA in HE: Introduction to Learning, Teaching and Assessment; Developing Academic and Professional Practice; Assessment in HE; Leading a Programme;

PhD supervision


Awards, Honours and Distinctions

Prizes and awards

Winner of the MMUnion Teaching Award for Outstanding Achievement 2014


Research Expertise, Publications and Grants

Transforming Assessment for Institutional Change (TRAFFIC) 2011-2014

Students as Partners (HEA) 2012-13

Supporting Responsive Curricula (2008-2011)

Shareable resources (all available on Creative Commons licences):

Accreditation! the curriculum development board game: a way of getting people involved in course approval and review (staff and students) to think about the processes involved, their roles, and why there sometimes seems to be a tension between speed and quality

Curriculum planning cards: simple resources to provide a visual representation of teaching and learning activities

Assignment task design cards: overviews of various tasks with some guidance on their use

Feedback planning cards: overviews of the main approaches which can be used

Publications and Research Activity

Book Chapters

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Conference or Workshop Items

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