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Curriculum review/development planning/management

Once teaching and assessment has finished, the team needs to review units at each level and develop unit improvement plans. These should be informed by considering student success and satisfaction, external examiner comments when available, and tutor reflections. Identify any strategy changes, staff development requirements and curriculum modifications needed. You should also consider your use of Technology Enhanced Learning and any minimum expectations for Moodle areas across the programme. You may wish to look at examples of technology use across the university and identify any additional support needs from your Faculty Technology Enhanced Learning Officer.


Educational Annual Review (EAR)

Programme Leaders will be required to provide an analysis of programme performance from data produced at Faculty level for the EAR. This analysis will feed into planning for the Faculty Educational Annual Review (EAR).


Employer liaison/meeting/reports



Check who will be attending graduation and who is presenting students. If the department offers any kind of celebration to graduands, check who is organising this.


Liaison with Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies

If the programme receives accreditation or acknowledgement from a PSRB, then you will need to keep in regular contact with them, keeping up to date with any changes in their expectations and informing them of modifications to the programme which may affect the relationship.
Support with this is available as required from the PSRB staff within the University’s Academic Collaboration Team, who can also help with any document submissions and other reaccreditation activity.  See the Academic Collaboration Team intranet page for more details and contact information.

At least annually

Management of team roles

Programme teams vary hugely in size. Larger teams will be able to delegate many of the tasks in this list, and the programme leader needs to manage this process: negotiate workload release for roles with the Head of Department/line manager, agree role allocations and plans, and monitor progress at least termly


Open and Visit day planning

The programme team needs to decide what will be presented on each occasion and who will attend each session.


Option choices

Programme leaders are responsible for informing Programmes Management about option choices, checking the final offer, and ensuring that information is available to inform students about choices. If students are joining the course late or options are available pre-enrolment, then the Programme Leader needs to put arrangements in place for them to select their options before induction.


Programme committee and programme team meetings

The relevant Programmes Management team associated with your area will service your Programme Committees. Before the start of the Academic Year, the Committee Secretary from this team will liaise with the Chair (usually the Programme Leader) to arrange date, time and venue for meetings to take place over the upcoming year. Prior to the meeting they will meet with you to discuss and prepare the Programme Committee Agenda.


Programme Handbook

This handbook provides a central resource for students and staff. It can be online in the programme Moodle area, or printed. It should be updated following annual curriculum review.


Programme specifications and development plan

Programme and unit specifications are updated periodically, triggered by EAR. A summary of the process is available here.

Risk based process triggered by EAR

Resource planning (including Associate Lecturer (AL) teaching hours)

The programme leader needs to negotiate overall staffing for the programme with the Head of Department/line manager and plan teaching and assessment allocations for the year ahead, with a termly review.


Student Voice activity

There is a variety of ways of capturing and acting on student comments about the programme. Further information is available here.



Academic Timetabling Contacts send information to Timetabling Services about modules which are rolling forward into next year, and input teaching requirements. Programme Leaders sign off final timetables in July.
Further information on the Timetabling Services intranet page.


Working with Student and Programme Management

Student and Programme Management delivers high quality administrative and technical support through key aspects of the student life cycle, supporting you in programme delivery. It is made up of Student Management, Programmes Management and Technical Services. You may get requests from key contacts within Student and Programme Management relating to individual students and to your programme. It is important to respond to these in a timely manner.

As needed


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