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Academic Appeals

Students who feel that the assessment process has had a material irregularity, or who have exceptional factors which they were unable to bring to the attention of the university at an earlier date, may appeal an assessment decision following an assessment board. Programme leaders may be asked to provide evidence for the appeals panel.
Further information about academic appeals


July, September

Academic misconduct

Programme leaders should deal with certain cases of academic misconduct directly (generally, first offences of plagiarism or collusion at levels 3 and 4 where the misconduct covers less than 20% of the submission). All other cases are handled by Heads of Department.
Further information about academic misconduct


As needed


Reviewing certain applications, interviews, etc


October-May, August

Course transfers

If a student wants to transfer to your course, they should seek appropriate advice before submitting a request. The student can access the request form online and submit it for processing. Either Programmes Management or Recruitment and Admissions will contact you with the details and to obtain your approval. If agreed, the student will be notified, and their record updated. For further information, see the Student Transfer, Suspension & Withdrawal Policy.




Breaches of the student code of conduct will be dealt with by the Head of Department but some responsibility may be delegated to programme leaders, who in any case may be expected to prepare information for an academic issue. Academic misconduct has its own process.


As needed

Exceptional Factors forms and panels

Exceptional Factors (EF) are short-term, unexpected events that have a serious impact on a student’s ability to perform in assessments. These include illness or injury, the death of someone close, or personal problems. Find out more about the process for submitting an EF claim for students on the Exceptional Factors webpage and about the process for staff on the Exceptional Factors – Decision-making process intranet page.



Management of student status (suspensions, withdrawals etc.)

It is vital that students who are considering suspending or withdrawing from the university are aware of any implications which this may have, and they should be directed to speak with a Student Advisor in the Hub who can help them make contact with services to support them. Although academic approval is not required for a withdrawal, it is required for a suspension. Where this is considered the best option, the student can access the form online and submit it to the Student Hub for processing. When considering whether a suspension should be approved it is important to agree a return date, and make the student aware of any assessment implications associated with the request. If agreed, the student will be notified, and their record updated.For further information, see the Student Transfer, Suspension & Withdrawal Policy.



Personal Learning Plans

Personal Learning Plans are documents produced by the Disability Service in conjunction with disabled students. You can find out more about their purpose on the Disability Service intranet page. If a student discloses a disability to you, then you have a legal responsibility to follow this up using the agreed procedures.

Download PLP Extension form.


September-December likely to be peak time

Recognition of Prior Learning

The Programme Leader or Programmes Management will receive claims for Recognition of Prior Learning. When a claim is received this needs to be allocated to two independent RPL Assessors with appropriate academic expertise. More information is available here.   It is preferable that RPL claims are approved before the student commences study of the units from which they are being exempted. However claims could be received at any time and so students should always be directed to Student Billings to discuss any financial implications.


As required

Student engagement

The University has in place a range of mechanisms for supporting student success and managing engagement with Programmes of study. However, there may be occasions where a student is judged to be at risk of being unable to complete the required academic work to a sufficient standard to secure a pass at the end of the academic year or equivalent session. The student Engagement Team or >Programmes Management will contact you if concerns are identified.

For further information, see the Student Transfer, Suspension & Withdrawal Policy.



Student leave of absence

If a student needs to take leave of absence during term-time, they will need to obtain an approval form from the Student Life office Unit leaders need to sign off student requests in relation to each unit affected by a leave of absence. Programme leaders need to sign off the request at programme level. Students will then submit the form to the Student Life Office, who will update the student record accordingly.


As needed

Unit transfers

If a student wants to change units within two weeks of the beginning of term, they will need to obtain an approval form from the Student Hub. If agreed, the student will be notified, and their record updated.




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