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Internal Student Survey (ISS)

The Internal Student Survey is carried out once per year; the timing depends on the stage of the students. The ISS asks students for feedback on their units as well as on their programmes. You will have access to all of the responses for your programme through your Faculty Director of Planning and Operations and these should inform your Continuous Improvement plan – there is more guidance available on interpretation and action planning.



Responding to National Student Survey (NSS) outcomes

Final year students complete this survey, which is about their programmes as a whole. NSS outcomes are usually received by programme leaders in mid-August. Your responses will form part of your improvement plan, usually discussed at an October programme committee. See our guidance on using the data for enhancement planning.



Responding to Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) outcomes

PTES outcomes are usually received towards the end of August. Your responses will form part of your Continuous Improvement plan, usually discussed at an October programme committee.



Working with course reps

Student Representation is an important part of the University's committee system from and forms the basis of developing a close working partnership with students to develop and improve programmes, a responsibility of the Programme Leader.
Information about student representation on University committees.


As needed


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