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Academic Appeals

Students who feel that the assessment process has had a material irregularity, or who have exceptional factors which they were unable to bring to the attention of the university at an earlier date, may appeal an assessment decision following an assessment board. Programme leaders may be asked to provide evidence for the appeals panel.
Further information about academic appeals

July, September


Reviewing certain applications, interviews, etc

October-May, August

Course transfers

If a student wants to transfer to your course, they should seek appropriate advice before submitting a request. The student can access the request form online and submit it for processing. Either Programmes Management or Recruitment and Admissions will contact you with the details and to obtain your approval. If agreed, the student will be notified, and their record updated. For further information, see the Student Transfer, Suspension & Withdrawal Policy.



Check who will be attending graduation and who is presenting students. If the department offers any kind of celebration to graduands, check who is organising this.


Personal Learning Plans

Personal Learning Plans are documents produced by the Disability Service in conjunction with disabled students. You can find out more about their purpose on the Disability Service intranet page. If a student discloses a disability to you, then you have a legal responsibility to follow this up using the agreed procedures.

Download PLP Extension form.

September-December likely to be peak time

Programme Handbook

This handbook provides a central resource for students and staff. It can be online in the programme Moodle area, or printed. It should be updated following annual curriculum review.


Responding to National Student Survey (NSS) outcomes

Final year students complete this survey, which is about their programmes as a whole. NSS outcomes are usually received by programme leaders in mid-August. Your responses will form part of your improvement plan, usually discussed at an October programme committee. See our guidance on using the data for enhancement planning.


Responding to Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) outcomes

PTES outcomes are usually received towards the end of August. Your responses will form part of your Continuous Improvement plan, usually discussed at an October programme committee.



Academic Timetabling Contacts send information to Timetabling Services about modules which are rolling forward into next year, and input teaching requirements. Programme Leaders sign off final timetables in July.
Further information on the Timetabling Services intranet page.


Unit transfers

If a student wants to change units within two weeks of the beginning of term, they will need to obtain an approval form from the Student Hub. If agreed, the student will be notified, and their record updated.



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