Programme Leader Tasks



Exceptional Factors forms and panels

Exceptional Factors (EF) are short-term, unexpected events that have a serious impact on a student’s ability to perform in assessments. These include illness or injury, the death of someone close, or personal problems. Find out more about the process for submitting an EF claim for students on the Exceptional Factors webpage and about the process for staff on the Exceptional Factors – Decision-making process intranet page.


Management of student status (suspensions, withdrawals etc.)

It is vital that students who are considering suspending or withdrawing from the university are aware of any implications which this may have, and they should be directed to speak with a Student Advisor in the Hub who can help them make contact with services to support them. Although academic approval is not required for a withdrawal, it is required for a suspension. Where this is considered the best option, the student can access the form online and submit it to the Student Hub for processing. When considering whether a suspension should be approved it is important to agree a return date, and make the student aware of any assessment implications associated with the request. If agreed, the student will be notified, and their record updated.For further information, see the Student Transfer, Suspension & Withdrawal Policy.


Open and Visit day planning

The programme team needs to decide what will be presented on each occasion and who will attend each session.


Option choices

Programme leaders are responsible for informing Programmes Management about option choices, checking the final offer, and ensuring that information is available to inform students about choices. If students are joining the course late or options are available pre-enrolment, then the Programme Leader needs to put arrangements in place for them to select their options before induction.


Programme committee and programme team meetings

The relevant Programmes Management team associated with your area will service your Programme Committees. Before the start of the Academic Year, the Committee Secretary from this team will liaise with the Chair (usually the Programme Leader) to arrange date, time and venue for meetings to take place over the upcoming year. Prior to the meeting they will meet with you to discuss and prepare the Programme Committee Agenda.


Resource planning (including Associate Lecturer (AL) teaching hours)

The programme leader needs to negotiate overall staffing for the programme with the Head of Department/line manager and plan teaching and assessment allocations for the year ahead, with a termly review.


Student Voice activity

There is a variety of ways of capturing and acting on student comments about the programme. Further information is available here.


Unit transfers

If a student wants to change units within two weeks of the beginning of term, they will need to obtain an approval form from the Student Hub. If agreed, the student will be notified, and their record updated.



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