Programme Management Plans

Supporting Professional Development

Recognition via the UK Professional Standards Framework

Being a programme leader, or taking responsibility for a part of programme management, can be a useful way to identify evidence for professional recognition via the UK Professional Standards Framework (PSF). Find out more on our PSF website.

Peer support for teaching

Programme management plans could be linked into peer support for teaching. This would help with the implementation of plans and in the induction of new colleagues to the programme team, as well as providing evidence for Continuous Monitoring and Improvement plans. Specific examples are provided in each of the programme management plan resources, but more general examples of appropriate activity which might link into peer support might be:

  • Team review of unit handbooks and assignment briefs
  • Peer review of Moodle areas
  • Peer observation of a colleague using an innovative approach eg to technology-enhanced learning or problem-based learning
  • Peer observation of other teams to find out how they do things

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