Assessment Lifecycle

5. Marking and Production of Feedback

Marking and moderation schedule

Before the submission date (and ideally at the beginning of the year, to help with planning), unit leaders should produce a marking and moderation schedule. The University procedures for verification, marking and moderation of assessments explain when second marking may be required, and what expectations there are about selecting samples for internal and external moderation and recording marking and moderation decisions.

Marking and Producing Feedback

Assuming that the assignment has been set up effectively, then marking and feedback decisions should be straightforwardly based on the original plan. You should use step marking if you are using marking criteria.

These Frequently Asked Questions about feedback may provide answers to questions which arise during the process.

Adjustments for disability or Exceptional Factors should have been made before assignment submission, so all submissions should be marked in the same way.

If you suspect plagiarism during the marking process, then you may like to look at our resources which help with detection, and explain what to do if you identify it.

Internal and External Moderation

Samples of work should be reviewed according to the procedures in the University procedures for verification, marking and moderation of assessments. These procedures make clear the roles of internal and external moderators.
Whilst it is not appropriate for the moderator to require changes to individual marks, it would still be expected that anomalies or concerns would be raised with the first marker/unit leader for them to take a second look at the submission in question, consider whether they agree with the recommendation and then decide if it has implications for the cohort. Sometimes the first marker and internal moderator may have missed something, and it’s important that everyone feels able to have an open discussion about marking and feedback.

What Unit leaders need to do
  • Produce a marking and moderation schedule for their unit
  • Ensure that marking and feedback are completed within the four week deadline, and, if possible, that internal moderation is also completed in this period.
  • Review the marking and feedback process after moderation and report back to programme committee as part of the Continuous Monitoring and Improvement process
What Programme Leaders need to do
  • Collate marking and moderation schedules for each level and review for consistency
  • Review assessment at each level annually