Programme Level Data

Internal Student Survey: satisfaction

The satisfaction data relates to the Internal Student Survey, which is carried out biannually and asks students questions about their units and their programmes. It can provide useful indicators of areas for development and of good practice, but should never be considered in isolation, and needs to be used in conjunction with the other data on the dashboard, as well as with other sources of student feedback.
Questions programme teams might consider in relation to this data:

  • What was the response rate? Are the data robust?
  • How do these data compare with your National Student Survey outcomes for final year students? Have a look at the guidance for reviewing NSS data as well – the same processes should apply.
  • What are the general trends for your programme? If there is a dip in the satisfaction, can you identify any particular issues such as a staff absence, or an administrative error, or timetabling problems? If so, how was this dealt with? Can you ask students how they feel about it now? Do you feel that it is resolved?
  • Are the same kinds of comments being repeated regularly? Are they specific to particular units, or more general to the programme? Do they relate to any of the issues identified in the progression section of this guidance, indicating an early warning that students are considering withdrawal?  What action is possible for the programme team? What might need to be referred to the head of department?
  • What are students saying about assessment? Can you cross-reference this data with marks and the general management of your assessment strategy? Are students highlighting any particular issues about assessment such as slow return of feedback, or difficulties understanding what is required, or not knowing how to improve?


See Principle 5 of the The Manchester Met Education Strategy and Learning and Teaching Principles for more areas for programme teams to consider.