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The domain: Members of #creativeHE share a common interest in creativity and innovation in learning, teaching and research. They are members of staff or students at Manchester Met or another higher education institution or may work in or for other organisations, networks in the UK and internationally. This community is also for aspiring NTFs and CATE applicants. If you would like to join us, please come along to one of our face-to-face meetups or participate in the online activities.

The community: The #creativeHE community was founded in 2015 as an extension to the Greenhouse, community of practitioners across Manchester Met, which it replaced after December 2016 as an open cross-institutional community. Its members comes together online and face-to-face to share, learn and support each other as well as identify opportunities for collaboration and wider sharing of their work around creativity more widely.

The practice: The activities of the #creativeHE community and their interactions create a wide range of resources, opportunities for discussions and debates through a series of online activities, including open courses and discussions, but also local meetups, currently in collaboration with other North-West of England institutions. We work closely with the Creative Academic and have so far been involved in the creation of a range of Creative Academic Magazines. Furthermore, we have conducted a range of scholarly activities and disseminated these through conferences and publications.

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This community is open to anyone who would like to join, academic staff, students and the wider public. All who have an interest in creative and innovative approaches to teaching and helping others learn.


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If you would like to become a #creativeHE champion in your institution, please get in touch with Chrissi Nerantzi.

We are really looking forward to seeing you online and locally,

Chrissi Nerantzi #creativeHE community co-ordinator from UTA

In this video, Aspasia Paltoglou shares her experience of being a #creativeHE community member:

Activity in previous years


Term 1 and Term 2
The Creativity for Learning in Higher Education was offered for the forth time and was linked up with activities in the online #creativeHE community to enrich, diversity and extend learning opportunities. During that time we transitioned from the Google plus community to the Facebook group due to Google’s decision to stop operating the Google plus communities. Our new online space is now within Facebook at

Meetups throughout the year
Four North-West meetups were organised during this academic year, two at Manchester Metropolitan University, one at UCLAN and one at the University of Salford.topics such as play, games, technologies and creativity for engagement and learning were discussed and shared. The meetups strengthened relationships among practitioners, peer support and experimentation with new ideas in learning and teaching.

March and April 2019 Creativity Manifestos
Creative Academic (, #creativeHE ( and the Centre for Imagination in Research, Culture and Education ( facilitated online conversations to develop a collective creativity manifesto. A Creative Academic Magazine with individual manifestos is the key output together with a collective creativity manifesto, synthesised by Paul Kleiman. All resources can be found at

June 19 #creativeHE jam
As part of the UTA Learning and Teaching Festival a full day around creativity was organised by #creativeHE was organised. Professor Norman Jackson and Professor Alison James joined us to talk about creative ecologist and play in higher education and further practitioners shared their creative ideas in the afternoon during the marketplace activities.

Related outputs

List of related publications and resources

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#creativeHE community Flickr stream:

#creativeHE community


The #creativeHE meetups are organised jointly by:

Manchester Metropolitan University, Salford University, Manchester University, Creative Academic

#creativeHE collaborators and institutional champions:

Dr Chrissi Nerantzi, Principal Lecturer in academic CPD, University Teaching Academy, Manchester Metropolitan University, Email

Prof. Norman Jackson, Emeritus Professor University of Surrey and Founder Lifewide Education and Creative Academic Resource Hubs and Networks,

Sandra Sinfield, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Professional and Educational Development, course and professional development organiser and developer, London Metropolitan University,

Neil Withnell, Associate Dean Academic, Mary Seacole Building, University of Salford, Salford.

Sue Watling, Teaching Enhancement Advisor, Directorate of Learning and Teaching Enhancement, University of Hull, email

Dr Kate Rowlands, Senior Lecturer in Development Management, Global Development Institute, School of Environment, Education and Development, University of Manchester,

Dr Nikos Fachantidis, Assistant Professor, Programme Leader of MA in Lifelong Education and MA ICT in Education, Director of Robotics Academy, University of Macedonia,

Dr Emma Gillaspy, Senior Lecture in Digital Learning, Faculty of Health and Wellbeing, University of Central Lancashire,

Dr Curie Scott, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Excellence in Learning,  Bournemouth University, 

Hannah Seat, Lecturer, Early Years,  University Campus Oldham, 


Northern #creativeHE meetups are organised currently by Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Salford, University of Manchester, University of Central Lancashire and Creative Academic.