Global Culture Jam 2021


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The Global Culture Jam is a 5-day programme offered between the 14th and 18th of June 2021. It has a focus on learning and working with individuals from different cultures to help us explore how connection and collaboration can benefit all of us. You will have the opportunity to connect, learn and develop with higher education practitioners and students who live and study in different settings (disciplines, universities, countries). The programme brings diverse individuals and ideas from around the globe working together in a cross-cultural setting along with Manchester Met, staff and students. The programme is open to collaborative partner institutions and organisations in different parts of the world. This year’s GCJ partners are the UTA L&T Festival, EuroSoTL, #creativeHE, Creative Academic and RISE.

The GCJ programme consists of a live event on the first day. We invited guest speakers from around the world who will introduce the programme themes: community, sustainability, creativity and curriculum and provoke and activate us to re-think and un-think our approaches to the way we work with individuals from other cultures. The live event is accompanied by a series of facilitated self-paced activities around the programme themes that will be co-facilitated by staff and students and provide a range of stimulating opportunities to learn with others across the week. The daily drop-in sessions will enable you to connect with other participants and facilitators in real time during the week to get support, share your ideas and find ways to collaborate and co-create. The activities will involve problem-solving, generating and sharing ideas, taking risks and coming up with interventions that will help us all maximise on our individual and collective diversity to grow and develop and create a series of artefacts and outputs you can take away.

Registration and Partners

Three exciting events each with a particular focus are taking place 14-18 June. When you register as a participant for the Global Culture Jam 2021 you will also have access to the UTA Learning and Teaching Festival and EuroSoTL Connect. Find out more

Registration is now closed

GCJ license

The GCJ is made available under the Creative Commons license Attribution – Non commercial – ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA). View the license code at and the legal code at

It is good academic practice, when using the GCJ to acknowledge where the concept came from by adding the following:
Global Culture Jam, Manchester Metropolitan University, This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


The GCJ team is developing a model programme supported by the UNESCO project Open Education for a Better World and release this under a Creative Commons license so that it can be re-used and repurposed by the wider academic community.
Manchester Met plans to use the GCJ to develop an International Summer School.



For staff

FLEX 15/FLEX 30 credits: Staff co-ordinating and participating in the GCJ programme will be able to use this work towards FLEX 15 and FLEX 30, two practice-based professional development units, at postgraduate level as part of the PgCert or the MA in Higher Education or as a stand-alone CPD units. See FLEX webpages

HEA Fellowship: Staff participating will be able to use this work to evidence engagement in CPD and use for a relevant HEA Fellowship category. This can be AFHEA, FHEA, SFHEA or PFHEA depending on the context of their work. See MMU PSF web pages

Publication: There will be an opportunity to publish work completed during the GCJ in the Creative Academic Magazine in collaboration with the Creative Academic Network. See Creative Academic Magazine Furthermore, you will also be able to submit an article to Learning and Teaching in Action

For students

RISE points: Man Met students can receive RISE points for engaging as attendees in each of the four themes: Community, Sustainability, Curriculum and Creativity. Additional points will be awarded for students who actively take part in organising the GCJ programme. Students will also be able to work towards RISE credits.

AFHEA: Students helping with the organisation, facilitation and evaluation of the programme will be able to use this work and apply for Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy via the University Teaching Academy. See MMU PSF web pages

Publication: There will be an opportunity to publish work completed during the GCJ in the Creative Academic Magazine in collaboration with the Creative Academic Network. See Creative Academic Magazine Furthermore, you will also be able to submit an article to Learning and Teaching in Action

Origins of the GCJ and related research

Origin of the idea

The Global Culture Jam (GCJ) is an idea based on open and collaborative practice and research in the area of community-based learning and development by Chrissi Nerantzi and colleagues in a number of institutions and organisations. The international cross-institutional Creativity for Learning community and the annual #creativeHEjam we organise together with Creativity Academic co-founded by Professor Norman Jackson and Chrissi Nerantzi in 2015 have been the inspiration and provided the guiding principles and ethos. See related research list at the end.

The idea and concept further developed through discussions and contributions by the following Manchester Met colleagues who are part of the GCJ team:

  • Dr Chrissi Nerantzi, programme lead
  • Paul Proctor, Curriculum strand lead (team members: Dr Avril Buchan, Learning Development; Dr Carmen Herrero, Languages)
  • Dr Neil Carey, Community strand lead (team members: Stephanie Aldred, UTA; Dr Kai Syng Tan, Art School)
  • Sara Merkaj, Creativity strand lead (team members: Linda Matthews, UTA; Louise Clennell, Special Collections)
  • Dr Sravanthi Sashikumar, Sustainability strand lead (team members: Dr Sally Stone, Architecture, Dr Araida Hidalgo-Bastida, Life Sciences)
  • Osman Javaid, TEL lead

Related research list

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