FLEX 30 [Creativity for Learning]


This unit provides participants with a flexible, practice-based approach to teaching practice enhancement. A special version of FLEX with a focus on creativity will be offered by CELT in collaboration with London Metropolitan University during 2017/18. Colleagues from both institutions and elsewhere will have the opportunity to learn and develop together within a diverse and distributed community of higher education practitioners who are involved in teaching, supporting learning or development of others with an interest in creative teaching and learning, who would like to explore innovative learning and teaching.  

Within this unit, enablers and barriers to creativity in higher education will be explored together with related pedagogical theory and literature. Participants will experience learning through play, games, models and stories and actively experiment with such approaches. This will help participants to further develop their understanding, knowledge, skills and practices in these areas and become more adventurous in their teaching. Participants will be able to critically reflect on their practice and identify opportunities to design, implement and evaluate an imaginative and creative innovation that fosters curiosity, maximises motivation and meaningful active engagement and discovery learning. The teacher is challenged to be creative in order for creativity to be developed in the students.

The unit will be offered online as a 5-day block with further support until the end of the term. All MMU participants will be invited to a portfolio building workshop before commencing the unit.

  • Day 1: Introduction to creativity in HE, enablers and barriers, theory and practice
  • Day 2: Learning through play and making
  • Day 3: Using story for learning and teaching
  • Day 4 : Learning through making
  • Day 5: Sharing learning and next steps

Whilst these individual activities are to be assessed holistically through one mode of summative assessment, it is important that the activities are understood and reflected upon to ensure successful synthesis and incorporation into practice as they are experienced.

The summative assessment consists of a reflective narrative aligned with the UK/MMU Professional Standards Framework (MMU PSF), institutional drivers (such as the Strategy for Learning, Teaching and Assessment for example within MMU) where applicable and evidence engagement and impact of specific FLEX CPD activities on teaching practice.

The unit is available for free to all practitioners who would like to participate informally in the open online version of this course.

If you work in another institution and are interested in studying towards academic credits FLEX 30 [Creativity for Learning] , please get in touch with CELT as there is a cost for this.

Unit Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit participants will be able to:

  1. Critically reflect on their engagement with CPD (focused on the nature of the learning environment and culture within their specific discipline context);
  2. Produce a critical narrative, which demonstrates the impact of their engagement with the CELT FLEX Professional Development Framework on their practice and the student experience.


FLEX activities are selected by the individual and fully tailored to the individual, their needs, priorities and aspirations that will enable them to grow further as a teacher in HE. FLEX activities need also to be aligned with the UK PSF and the SLTA and agreed with the unit leader.

Unit Assessment

The assessment in the FLEX unit is portfolio-based and will capture critical reflection on five (5) FLEX activities and impact on practice linked to Creativity for Learning and Teaching. A digital portfolio will be used to encourage creative expression in a variety of media while also providing extended opportunities to share the portfolio with others, including the unit leader, to seek formative feedback on work-in-progress and engage in developmental conversations. Word count: 5000 words or equivalent.

For more information please study the unit handbook, access the FLEX website and also contact the Unit Leader Chrissi Nerantzi if you have further questions (email:c.nerantzi@mmu.ac.uk Twitter: @chrissinerantzi)


This unit is also available in a 15 credit version »


For more information please study the unit handbook, access the FLEX website and also contact the Unit Leader Chrissi Nerantzi if you have further questions (email: c.nerantzi@mmu.ac.uk Twitter: @chrissinerantzi)

Colleagues are invited to join a FLEX surgery to find out more, and are encouraged to set-up their portfolio for this unit in advance of the block week.


As well as registering below, in some circumstances you may need to complete an application form to study this unit. Please check on the application form page »

In brief


  • Experience creative and innovative practices
  • Experiment with implementing these approaches in your own practice
  • Develop reflective practice
  • Establish practices that lead to ongoing enhancement of learning

Mode of study: online with F2F support

Number of sessions: varies

Type of session: monthly drop-ins and one to one tutorials as required

Assessment type and size:
5000 word portfolio (or equivalent), incorporating 5 activities

Prior knowledge/experience required: none, just an open mind!

When will it run: Spring and Summer terms

Unit leader/contact: Chrissi Nerantzi

Delivery Dates and Registration

There are no forthcoming dates available for this unit at the moment


Please contact the UTA CPD team if you have any queries.