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Creativity for Learning


The unit is for individuals involved in teaching, supporting learning or development of others with an interest in creative teaching and learning, who would like to explore innovative learning and teaching, providing their practice enables them to implement an innovation.

Within this unit, enablers and barriers to creativity in higher education will be explored together with related pedagogical theory and literature. Participants will experience learning through play, games, models and stories and actively experiment with such approaches. This will help participants to further develop their understanding, knowledge, skills and practices in these areas and become more adventurous in their teaching. Participants will be able to critically reflect on their practice and identify opportunities to design, implement and evaluate an imaginative and creative innovation that fosters curiosity, maximises motivation and meaningful active engagement and discovery learning. The teacher is challenged to be creative in order for creativity to be developed in the students.

This blended unit is offered over 2 terms. All workshops take place in the first term, the second term is self-study with tutorial support as required.

  • workshop 1: Unit overview and use of portfolios
  • workshop 2: Introduction to creativity in HE, enablers and barriers, theory and practice
  • workshop 3: Creativity in action! Learning happens everywhere...
  • workshop 4: Using story for learning and teaching
  • workshop 5 : Learning through making

Watch this video to hear what previous students thought of the Creativity for Learning Unit:

Unit Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit participants will be able to:

  1. Critically discuss creative teaching as a driver for student engagement and learning in their own professional context;
  2. Develop and implement an innovation in their own practice;
  3. Critically evaluate their innovation.


This unit provides participants the opportunity to be creative and experiment with less common and newer approaches to learning and teaching. Participants will be able to fully contextualise their learning and development and tailor to their needs and priorities as well as personal professional aspirations linked to learning, teaching and/or supporting learning. Through the unit activities, the diversity of the participant’s context is recognised and embraced.

  • Creativity in Higher Education, enablers and barriers
  • Learning through play, games, models and stories
  • The role of curiosity for learner motivation and engagement
  • Developing creative methods, practices
  • Evaluating a pedagogical innovation

Unit Assessment

The assessment of the unit, the reflective narrative and the poster presentation, will enable the participant to reflect on practice, engage with the relevant literature, actively experiment and evaluate an innovation linked to their own practice


Please contact the Unit Leader Chrissi Nerantzi if you have further questions (email: Twitter: @chrissinerantzi)

Finalist in the Open Education Europa Teachers Contest 2015

Shortlisted for the Credo Digital Award for Information Literacy 2016

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