Writing and assessing unit level learning outcomes

Evaluating unit learning outcomes

Experience tells us that writing good learning outcomes can be very challenging.  They are best written in small teams who scrutinise them over one or two fine tuning iterations.  The following questions provide the basis of a quick and easy evaluation

  1. For undergraduate programmes, are there five learning outcomes or fewer? For other programmes, is the number of learning outcomes manageable in terms of assessment for that number of credits?
  2. Do the LOs contain any ambiguous terminology (e.g understand(ing), awareness?
    If yes refer to something to avoid
  3. Can you identify the action verb and the level of Bloom's taxonomy for each LO?
    If not refer to choosing appropriate verbs and start with partial learning outcomes
  4. Can you determine the context of the learning for each LO?
    If not refer to completing your learning outcomes
  5. Do the learning outcomes make it clear to the student what they will be able to DO on completion of the unit?
  6. Is it possible to measure/assess the learning outcomes in 2 summative pieces of work?
  7. Are the LOs fit for purpose based on 1-7?


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