Delivering employability as part of the curriculum to ensure that our students can achieve their potential on graduation is a strategic aim of our Education Strategy.

Our formal curricula, including the course ethos, aims, learning and assessment design, placement opportunities etc., and our informal interactions with students, are instrumental in emphasizing the employability context of their learning to inspire students to recognise that as they develop expertise in their chosen programme of study, they are also developing the characteristics and attributes of an Manchester Met graduate.

Employability in the Curriculum

Elements of employability are embedded in all our programmes via the programme specification, including:

  • Articulation of Graduate Prospects
  • Curriculum Design
  • Teaching Learning and Assessment Strategy
  • Personal Development Planning
  • Employer Engagement

Programme leaders or programme teams might like to use these analysis tools to check on the way their programme works to provide an internationalised curriculum, including employability (employability analysis tool), enterprise, environmental sustainability and social responsibility (ESD tool).

Employability Analysis tool

ESD tool


As programme staff work with the CMI process, they may need to interrogate their data from the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DHLE) to help to decide on improvements. This data is circulated to all Faculty Executive Groups (which includes Heads of Department and Associate Deans for the faculty) as a matter of course. Further information on this and other services offered to you and your students can be obtained from the Careers and Employability Service website.

Other resources available for staff

Employability Onlineis a Moodle resource for staff with plenty of generic materials that can be used or adapted for employability related sessions. It is no longer been maintained as a student facing resource. If you are unsure about the currency of the information in the resource then please contact your faculty’s Careers and Employability adviser.





MMU Strategy and Policy

Principle 2 of the Manchester Met Education Strategy and Learning and Teaching Principles
"MMU provides an innovative, flexible, sustainable, enterprising and internationalised curriculum"

Standard 2.1: An internationalised curriculum, driven by employability, enterprise, and environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Standard 2.2: Enable students to develop their intellectual powers, creativity, independent judgement, critical self-awareness, imagination, and personal skills that will clearly identify them as global learners, MMU graduates and as world class professionals.