Feedback: Try Something ...


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This section provides some suggestions for simple things you could try if you would like to make small changes to the way you feedback


to ensure that you have a team commitment to feedback and its value

That may sound daft: you are all producing and distributing feedback already, but you may find it useful to think about what you do with it afterwards, as well as what students do with it. As a programme team, you may find it useful to make time to review all assignments, including examinations, and look at student performance systematically. This might mean holding a meeting once marking is complete at the end of the academic year, to produce some generic feedback across all assignments which will be discussed with classes at the beginning of the next year. This also gives an opportunity to provide feedback on general examination performance. This might take the form of “many students didn’t realise that we were looking for…. in that assignment; some of you could have improved your performance by …”. It also provides an opportunity to introduce the next assignments and relate them to previous ones.