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This section provides some suggestions for simple things you could try if you would like to make small changes to the way you feedback


to have a clear idea of the purpose of feedback

The Academic Regulations and Procedures Handbook section on Assessment Practice and Policy has a clear statement on the purpose of feedback at MMU:

Feedback on assigned work is an integral part of the assessment process and has several purposes:  

  • To help students to understand how others have interpreted their work against the given criteria
  • To motivate students to continue to learn
  • To enable students to identify areas for development  

(Manchester Metropolitan University
Academic Regulations and Procedures Handbook , 2007

It’s unlikely you would want to remove any of these elements from a feedback strategy, although you might wish to add things. Whilst they may seem self-evident, they may not always find their way into practice. When discussing purpose, it may be useful to look at these three elements and consider how current practice relates to each of them. Is feedback always produced for the students, or are other audiences sometimes in your mind, such as colleagues who may be second marking, or external examiners? Is the need to motivate students to continue always considered? Can advice on future development be found in every piece of feedback?