FLEX: What activities can I do?

What kind of activities count towards FLEX?

FLEX activities could include the following:

  • Engaging in observation of teaching and peer review activities
  • Carrying out curriculum development or enhancement activities in your own teaching practice, linked to a specific unit and/or programme
  • Participating in and/or leading academic development sessions, seminars or workshops, face-to-face, blended or online
  • Participating in and/or leading short courses linked to learning and teaching
  • Participating in internal or external organised activities including webinars, open courses, open CPD etc.
  • Self-directed development through accessing and studying online resources, papers or books.
  • Attending and/or presenting at an event or conference
  • Engaging in generic and subject-specific pedagogic research
  • Coaching and/or mentoring colleagues
  • Participating in and/or leading individual sessions which are part of accredited Academic Development Programmes, such as the PGCLTHE and the MA in HE

Current FLEX opportunities

A selection of current CPD opportunities are featured below, along with suggestions for other places to look for ideas.


Also remember to check the hashtag #flexcpd on Twitter where further CPD opportunities are shared. Add any you have found by adding the hashtag #flexcpd


Through the customised Google search below, you will find a variety of available resources activities that can be used for your professional development. This search covers MMU, HEA, LearnHigher and OER University. Please feel free to also use further sources of information you are familiar with.

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