Global Citizenship

Section 5: Global Citizen Action


In this section we aim to explore what we can do, given our circumstances, to work towards a better world. We will explore different ways to engage with international and global issues and provide some resources to support this process.

'Be the change you want to see in the world.' (Mohandas Gandhi)

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Taking Action - Diamond Ranking Activity

There are many ways people can take action as global citizens.

Rank the nine actions listed below in a diamond order putting the number of what you think would be the most effective actions at the top and the least effective at the bottom. There are no right and wrong answers and all types of actions have their own advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Lobby someone in a powerful position e.g. write a letter or email, send a petition or fill in an online public survey
  2. Ask a guest speaker to talk at an event
  3. Create a presentation and share this through social media networks
  4. Find out which organisations can help us to achieve what we want and join in with their local, national and global campaigns
  5. Make different choices about your own life based on what you have learned e.g. what you eat, wear and spend money on. Other people will notice and follow your example.
  6. Raise money and donate to charity on the issue
  7. Organise an event in the community to raise awareness of the issue
  8. Volunteer some of your time towards tackling this issue
  9. Discuss the issue with your friends, family and acquaintances as much as you can

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Taking Action – Think Global, Act Local

How would you like to get involved as a global citizen? There are loads of ways you could get involved and this is really up to you. You could start by exploring some of the issues affecting the world today. Have a think about:

  • What global issues are you particularly interested in?
  • What issues would you like to explore more?
  • What skills do you have and what skills would you like to develop?
  • Are there some local actions that you can immediately start engaging with?
  • Perhaps there is something requiring a longer time commitment that you can get involved with?
Diagram listing world issues relating to Global Citizenship: Social Justice, Global Conflict, Poverty and Health, Sustainable Development

The diagram above shows world issues and their relationship to global citizenship. However, it is important to remember that these issues cannot always be categorised, many of them relate to and affect one another for example, global conflict can have an impact upon people's access to healthcare, food and water security. In some way or another, all of these things are related and it is our responsibility as global citizens to look at the underlying causes in order to make change in the world and address these issues.

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Global Citizen Plan of Action

Your task now is to develop a Global Citizen Plan of Action (see below) highlighting:

  1. An area (or areas) of global citizenship you are particularly interested in
  2. The Global Issues that are raised
  3. Some actions you plan to take

Over the page are a number of links to websites exploring global issues, many of which offer advice and opportunities of how to get involved. Explore one or two websites that interest you and then come back to this page and fill in the Global Citizen Plan of Action outlining what you have found out and what actions you would like to take. Try to be realistic in the actions you plan. What can you realistically do in your current situation? Are there immediate actions that you can take? Are there longer term actions?

We hope you will put your ideas into action!

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Global Citizen Plan of Action - reading

Click on a title to see the related websites (all websites will open in a new window)

Global Citizenship/Poverty and Health
Social Justice
  • Amnesty - news about what's going on around the world and details of how to get involved with your local Amnesty branch
  • Equality Now/ – Information on Women's Rights and Issues such as sexual violence, forced child marriages, Female Genital Mutilation and others
  • Save the Children - information about campaigns and actions that Save the Children are undertaking and how you can help
Sustainable Development
Millennium Development Goals
Local Volunteering Opportunities

You can get involved in local volunteering opportunities in and around Manchester that have an international focus. For example, you could volunteer with:

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