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For me it's knowledge and awareness of issues that affect society as a whole, knowledge of differences between different groups within that society and actually acting to support integration of those different groups.


Project Outputs


Project outputs include:

  • An internal report – the Global Citizens project report: Initial Findings and Reflections.
  • MMU Global Citizens, Global Futures - a student-facing site that explains the GCGF Certificate award, how students can get involved and showcases student global citizen stories.
  • The online Global Citizenship student Enquiry
  • Academic papers for the following journals: International Journal for Academic Development; Higher Education; Journal of Higher Education Policy and Practice; Perspectives an Policy and Practice in HE; Reflective Practice in International and Multidisciplinary Perspectives

MMU Event Outputs:

  • Global Citizens, Global Futures Certificate Scheme piloted
  • Six student Global Citizen Global Futures Events run with over 350 participants
  • Key partnerships developed within MMU to support embedding of award scheme
  • Global Citizens Conference with over 250 attendees (staff and students)
  • Representation/attendance by invitation to university committees including: the International Strategy Committee; Faculty International groups and Faculty Executive Groups
  • Award ceremony and Global Citizens Global Futures event (jointly with Faculty of Humanities, Languages and Social Science) Watch a video of this event.

The Global Citizens Global Futures event attracted 253 staff and students to sign up. The nature of this event (held in the faculty atrium with stalls, talks, music, food and dance) provided staff and students with informal opportunities to engage with the ideas of global citizenship as they passed though the event in the normal course of their activities.