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Mirroring Industry Practice: The Games Showcase

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Project Details

The Games Showcase was set up on the BSc. (Hons) Games Design and Development and BSc. (Hons) Computer Games Technology courses to mirror existing practices in the games development industry and better prepare students for work after graduation. Students work in small teams of 3-4 people to produce a game for a client. The clients are staff from faculties across MMU. The games have a purpose - to present research findings, to promote a course, to assist students with something specific, etc.

Games Design and Development course leader Matthew Crossley explains that the unit is structured as a micro-version of the game development cycle seen in the real world, with alpha and beta builds and regular testing and peer-to-peer feedback. At the end of the year, the school hosts a showcase to unveil the new games. Family members, university staff, school children and the clients are all invited to come and test the games, and the design teams have a chance to receive some direct feedback.

In this Good Practice Exchange video, Matthew talks about the buzz of excitement around the showcase, alongside Kevin Tan, course leader for Computer Games Technology.

In the video below, final year student Martin Lee offers his perspective on the showcase.

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Kevin Tan
Computing, Mathematics and Digital Technology

Matthew Crossley
Science and Engineering

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