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Creating Space for Criticality in the First Year Experience

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Mark Peace: The session profiled in this video is part of a broader project to shift a sense of genuine academic identity to the core of the experience of a first year unit. This has involved a realignment of the relationships between 'content' and the students' autonomous critical voice, in order to give the latter more credence, whilst strengthening it with the development of core academic skills. The session itself introduces students to some of the debates around barriers to learning. In line with the broader ethos of the unit, I wanted to avoid simply telling students about these barriers. As such, I have couched the session as a detective story, oriented around an interactive Cluedo board, which connects to various films of 'witness statements'. Students are encouraged to engage with this evidence as a detective, with a sceptical attention to detail and available evidence. Throughout the session, I set out both to help students discover some core ideas and debates around achievement and underachieveme't, but also to think carefully about 'lines of argument', and their internal logics. This, in turn, lays the foundation for a broader examination of the nature of criticality.

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