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Harvard Referencing Skills

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Clare Halfpenny and Sian Hughes discuss their collaboration between the library and the Department of Marketing, Operations and Digital Business. For one of Clare's large units, Sian was invited to deliver 9 library sessions that introduced them to the library, Harvard referencing, online journals and resources at the start of level 4. The students were set a task in the context of their first assignment helping them to see the relevance of those skills and breaking down barriers between themselves and the services the library has to offer. Sian also monitored a forum within the unit Moodle space specifically about Harvard referencing answering students' questions. This was coupled with an effort from the marking team to support students to correct the Harvard referencing on a specific assignment on at least the first 2 pages.

It was noted that referencing greatly improved with all students at least attempting Harvard referencing. Clare and Sian also feel that this intervention resulted in students feeling more comfortable approaching library staff with referencing questions and accessing library resources.

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Clare Halfpenny

Sian Hughes

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