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Socrative and the Student Voice

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Orlagh McCabe: "Advances in e-learning and increased engagement with technology, have prompted academics to adopt more e-learning strategies in the teaching environment. (Kay and Le Sage, 2009) Socrative, a student response system, allows students to engage with materials and answer questions remotely. Tasks such as quizzes, exit tickets and polls can be created for learners in order to promote engagement, discussion and prompt them to participate in collaborative learning activities (Chui et al ,2013). When the activity is complete, a report is sent to the tutor, which highlights responses and allows tutors to reflect on knowledge gaps and session content.

"Recently I have begun to embed the use of student response systems in approaches to teaching and learning across a range of interdisciplinary units. Students have responded positively to the use of this and I have seen a range of impacts on learning.

"This academic year I have undertaken a project ‘Responding to feedback using Student Response Systems’ which looks at the impact of engaging with student response systems on students from different academic backgrounds. The research aims to evaluate ways in which SRS can be used to prompt students to reflect on assessment feedback. The research will also consider whether the age, gender and academic experience impacts students overall engagement with SRS.
Using SRS has greatly impacted upon my teaching practice to date. Students have commented on how they feel more engaged in sessions and are more likely to engage with pre-session activities as a result of their experiences using Socrative.

"Using Socrative has made anonymous feedback from students much more accessible. As a direct result of suggestions from students I have adopted some new approaches to assessment and feedback and have allowed me to review ‘knowledge gaps’ and make changes to the curriculum in response to these (Chui et al ,2013)."

In the video below, students share their thoughts on Socrative:

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Orlagh McCabe
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