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Problem Based Learning

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Damian Keil, Senior Lecturer in Exercise and Sports Science, has introduced Problem Based learning into his Physical Education and Sports Pedagogy units. Lectures and other didactic approaches have been replaced by PBL group activities which actively engage students in the learning process. Topics are introduced via case studies and scenarios which form learning triggers and stimulate thinking and are used for collaborative learning and inquiry. 

The role of lecturer has changed to become that of a facilitator whose main role is to support students working in the their PBL group. As part of the PBL approach, students take part in weekly self- and peer- assessment activities. This enabled them to reflect on their progress and support each other.

David Wright, a lecturer in Exercise and Sports Science, started working with Damian and talks about his experience and development as a PBL practitioner. David reflects on this role and offers some initial thoughts around the usefulness of PBL for students.

In the video below, students share their thoughts on Problem Based Learning:

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Damian Keil
Exercise & Sports Science

David Wright
Exercise & Sports Science

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