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Flipped Learning for Large Classes

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Finding a way to personal learning in large classes is a challenge faced by many academics. Kerry Patton, Senior Lecturer in Accounting, Finance and Economics, has adopted a flipped learning method to address this. Through a combination of workbooks, screencasts, and flipped learning seminars, Kerry provides a more engaging and personalised student experience for classes of 250 students.

To facilitate interactivity in the seminars, Nearpod has been employed. This tool allows Kerry to integrate quizzes and polls into her presentation, and gain insights into students learning. For example, once students log in, they take a poll about what topic on the podcast they found most challenging.

In the first video (above) Kerry talks through her rationale for using a flipped learning approach. In the second video (below), you can see an example of a large lecture in action.

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Kerry Patton
Finance and Economics

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