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Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE): How to apply

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CATE was set up in 2016 to reward teaching excellence at team level with institution- or discipline-wide impact on the staff and/or student experience. Again, it I is a highly competitive scheme and a prestigious award. Institutions are limited to 1 submission each year and from these about 15 teams are recognised nationally.

We have set up an internal process with three stages.

Internal Selection Procedure

The 2021 Scheme will open on the 4th of May 2021. Please note this is an internal competition as each institution can submit only 1 CATE application each year to this national annual competition. There are two events planned to provide inspiration and information.

  1. An NTF/CATE showcase and information event launched this year’s selection process on the 4th of May. Click here to download recording of session
  2. A workshop on the 11th of May at 1pm will provide additional information. Please come along to this to find out about the scheme, if you are wanting to apply in a future year to determine your team’s CATE readiness against the criteria.

Stage 1: Expressions of interest - Deadline 30th of May 2021

Please study the CATE criteria on the previous page carefully and visit the CATE winners database so that you can get a flavour of the winning teams’ achievements in the area of collaborative teaching excellence as well as their reach, value and impact. You may find it useful to work through the scoring rubric on p21 of the AdvanceHE CATE Guidance.

Only if you strongly feel that your team currently meets the criteria for CATE to a high degree, have completed a self-evaluation based on the CATE criteria, and would like to be considered for this internal competition for the 2022 for the institutional submission to AdvanceHE, please complete the expression of interest form. We can accept expressions of interest for CATE projects, which are led by Manchester Met. If Manchester Met is a collaborator in cross-institutional projects, but not the lead institution, any CATE application should be submitted via the lead institution.

Colleagues from UTA will review these and get back to you within 10 working days.

If you are invited to progress to stage 2 you will be asked to complete a full CATE application.
Expression of Interest form »

Stage 2: Preparing a complete draft application - Deadline 9am 20th of September 2021

If you have been invited to participate in stage 2, you will submit a full draft CATE application using the criteria for this award. You will be asked to submit this to the CATE coordinator.

During this writing stage, we would strongly recommend that you are supported by an NTF or CATE mentor and receive feedback on a complete draft. Please check our current CATE award winners on our website as they have kindly offered to support colleagues in this process.

A panel consisting of the PVC Education, representatives of past NTF/CATE winner, NTF/CATE reviewer and/or a member of staff from the wider ManMet community as well as the NTF coordinator will meet and review the submitted NTF applications. The panel will decide which applications are going to be submitted to Advance HE in 2022. The panel’s decision will be based on the NTF criteria and communicated to you by the end of October 2021.

Stage 3: Preparing the final application - deadline 25th of February 2022

If your application is selected, you will be invited to work closely with a member of UTA, one of our CATE winners who may have mentored you during Stage 2, or NTF reviewers to finalise your application and further required documentation. You will receive feedback on an almost complete application. We also encourage you to seek feedback further internally or externally. The final application will be submitted by the NTF/CATE coordinator at the beginning of March. The exact date has not been announced yet by Advance HE for 2022.

If you have not been selected for the 2022 submission, you will receive feedback from UTA.


Please let UTA know if you intend to submit a CATE application in collaboration with another institution so that we can provide any support that may be needed.

See the CATE pages on the AdvanceHE website for further information and detailed submission guidelines

NTFs and CATEs 2023 and beyond

If you are an aspiring NTF or CATE team of the future please get in touch with Chrissi Nerantzi to arrange a meeting with her and discuss a potential development plan with you. Please contact after the 30th May if possible, after the 2022 scheme is underway.