Inclusive Curriculum

Supporting the Success of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Students

‘Promoting Success for All’
Addressing the Attainment Gap of BME Students

This report, developed by MMU staff on the Senior Management Development Programme in 2014, presents the main issues affecting attainment in Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) students both nationally and within MMU. As part of the project, the group investigated ways of making MMU more culturally responsive, focusing on raising the aspirations and achieving success for all students, both at a University and programme level.

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‘Promoting Success for All’ Addressing the Attainment Gap of BME Students
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The group also developed a 'Policy into Practice Planning Framework’ for Programme Leaders that outlines ways to address the issues raised in the report.
The framework can be applied at any time within the academic cycle but could be included within the review cycle in particular as a reference point for planning new curricula. The metrics are there to encourage debate and discussion with programme teams so they can identify the current state of play. Guidance is provided in relation to the evidence of the specific issues to consider in relation to each metric. It is envisaged that an action plan would be developed and discussed with the respective Head of Department so that any gaps in provision, resource or training issues can be identified and incorporated into the strategic planning process. The ultimate way to embed this approach would be to include it within the Continuous Monitoring and Improvement Process which facilitates student engagement and wider awareness of the work undertaken in relation to inclusivity and attainment.

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The Inclusion Preparedness Planning Framework for Programme Leaders in the Inclusive Curriculum Toolkit will be useful in evaluating the inclusivity of programmes

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