Lecture Capture: academic considerations


What do students and staff think about Lecture Capture?

The Manchester Met Students' Union has surveyed students about their use of Lecture Capture and the findings are now available as a report covering aspects such as: enhancement of lectures, effects on learning, relationships with lecturers, inclusive learning, effect on attendance, how the service could be improved. Download theunionmmu Lecture Capture report.

In this video, Education Officer Lucy Follon provides a summary of student views on Lecture Capture.


We have produced a set of short videos where students and staff from Manchester Met talk about how they use Lecture Capture:


What do you like about Lecture Capture?
What do you use Lecture Capture for?
How long do you watch each video for?
How has Lecture Capture changed the way you study?
How easy is it to use Lecture Capture?
Staff views on Lecture Capture: Michelle Morris
Staff views on Lecture Capture: Jane Matthews


Note: this UTA resource is designed to support staff in their use of Lecture Capture to maximise its potential in enhancing the student learning experience. For technical help, training, user guides, policy etc, please visit the ISDS Lecture Capture webpage.