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Many staff use news items to introduce a topic. Try signing up for Google Alerts in your subject area to get notification of published online news related to a particular topic. (You will definitely want to apply a 'rule' to your mailbox to put all these alerts into one folder, if you do this. Click here for instructions for doing this in Outlook).

For instance, you could take a news item which relates to the topic - for the sake of illustration, a headline in the newspaper on 8th December 2012 is "Scottish plan to cut CO2 emissions could cost £11bn". You don't need to be a scientist to make use of this headline - you could be talking about media management, the public perception of scientists, the reasons why CO2 should be cut, industrial history, use of English... you will quickly deviate from the headline to the topic of the lecture but it will have shown the group that (a) you know that the lecture topic is related to the real world in some way and (b) you are interested and knowledgeable enough about the subject to relate it to the real world (don't all write in with reasons why this headline wouldn't be any use to you, I know it will be irrelevant to 99.9% of lectures: it was just an example of the process).

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